1. Courtney

    I love you so much! 💕💕💕

    I’m not going to lie I balled my eyes out 😭😭😭.

    Very beautifully written.

    I actually just had a flash back the other day. Kalyn picked up a tube of mini m&ms and I looked at her and said get one for your sister. In the back of my mind I thought back to the big open waiting room. I’m pretty sure it was 2 story ceilings. I remember we had found so much money at least it felt like that. We searched high and low and filled our empty tubes up! I also remember during that time you stayed with us for serval days.

  2. Darla

    What a wonderful memory of your dad,even though those days were so very hard his memory will last forever. Your Mom continued to fill you with love,faith and life just like your Dad. She endured many struggles during that time,but she always showed her strength and love. She shares that with her children and she will always be my hero. Love you all!

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