Me Time

I had some time today between Bible study and running errands. I had about 45 minutes of me time to be exact. 45 minutes is about how long an episode of one of my shows is on Netflix or Hulu. My husband and kids were gone and I had the house to myself. It’s quiet. Hmmm, or I could take a nap.

But then the Holy Spirit came and reminded me of what I had just led the discussion about at Bible study (We’re currently using Carol Kent’s, Between a Rock and a Grace Place) This week’s lesson was over contentment and I remembered seeing my notes that came to mind from when I was going over the lesson before the study and it read:

Now, I know when I get home tonight with my family after trick-or-treating that we’re all going to be lazy. We’re probably going to snuggle and eat some candy, watch some TV but that’s OK because the day is done and we’re spending time together. So instead of being selfish and wasting time now, even though many may feel I “deserve this time alone“ The Holy Spirit was telling me: You have this time alone. Use it wisely.

So instead of sitting down and watching TV or taking a nap, I decided to take out the garbage, sweep the kitchen floor, clean off the table, run a load of laundry, strip my son’s bed, clean his mattress protector, stack up the dishes beside the sink, and wipe down the counters and table.

Now when I get home tonight and I’m laying with my family I can be at peace and content with my decision from today. Things are in order and I can enjoy the time together with my family and not feel guilty about wasted time.

In conjunction with all that I mentioned above, keep in mind; this is the Holy Spirit speaking to me in MY season of life. Don’t let the devil feed you lies that you’re wasting time, you’re not living up to your potential, you’re not worthy enough. If you come to a choice like I did, with 45 minutes of quiet and you have been go, go, go and the Holy Spirit is telling you to slow down and rest, don’t let Satan condemn you into going some more.

Let me repeat that one more time:

Be content with your choice. When you are satisfied and at peace, you have found contentment. Don’t let the devil make you feel like the contentment you feel is a bad thing. Lean into the Lord and He will guide you there.

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